Kylie Minogue….”All The Lovers”

I am a big fan of Kylie, loved her since “Can’t Get You out of My Head” and have purchased her other albums before that one and after. I just love her sound and her voice, she has such an angelic voice. The new single was unveiled this past week, “All The Lovers” from her upcoming album “Aphrodite”…is AMAZING! The sounds is just pure dance and summer sound, this is gonna be rockin the clubs with remixes this summer. Her voice is great, the sounds is great, the beat is great, I am a fan of it all ready and I can’t wait for the new album”Aphrodite” to be released July 5th!

‘All The Lovers’ will be available to download from June 13th with all other formats following on 28th June. Aphrodite will be released on 5th July, which is available to pre-order now at

Take a listen below and see what you think!

I all ready have this in rotation and have been listening to it non stop since it was released!

Scissor Sisters….Invisible Light

On of my favorite bands, The Scissor Sisters are releasing a new album June 28th called Night Work

They have released the first single “Invisible Light” on You Tube for us to enjoy, I have been listening to it non stop! It is a great song! It starts of with an electric swell that builds as Jake Shears croons, then builds to a climax. It even has Sir Ian McKellen has a spoken verse in this song, speaking about “Babylon, where mortal diamonds tower, a place where whores, gladiators, and party children all wake from their slumber”. You can just picture the seedy disco scene, dancing in hot pants, sweating, glitter everywhere….Well, I can at least picture it…lol

I feel the Sisters have gone back to their Electro-Disco-Pop sounds with this song and I have a feeling the new album “Night Work” will have the same feel, which I am thrilled about! These guys are truly unique with their sound and look, I just love them, and not to mention that Jake Shears is HOT!

I would suggest checking out Invisible Light, it’s a greats song, it has a great sound, and it makes you want to dance, what more can you ask for?

Check it out below and let me know what you think!

Who is Christina Aguilera?….Oh, She’s Not Herself Tonight

Lady Ga…..I mean Christina Aguilera, returns to the music scene, after playing Mommy for awhile, with her upcoming album Bionic and her first single and video from the album, “Not Myself Tonight”.

Ok, is it just me, but who does that look like on the cover of that single?…..Can we say GAGA everyone?….lol It’s the hair, the outfit, everything just screams GaGa! The song is catchy, it’s not terrible, it just sounds like a rehash of her Dirty days, which did not work for her either. It is gonna be a good club song for slutty drunk girls, a great song for strippers, and an even better song for Drag queens to perform to! The video is ok, when I watched it, I saw Lady GaGa, sprinkled with Madonna, with a dash of Kylie Minouge, and a pinch of Britney Spears…I did not see Christina in any of it!

I think if Christina came out with this look, video, and sound a few years ago, it would have been edgy, fresh, and new…But, she came out with this at a time where someone named GaGa all ready paved the way and it now just sounds like Christina is trying to get on Gaga’s monster train. I am interested in hearing more from the album when it comes out on June 8th, don’t get me wrong,  I like Christina, but not sure if this is gonna work for her like she thinks. I will review more when the album comes out and give you my opinion.

In the mean time, if you have not heard the song or have seen the video, here it is…I would love to hear what you all think of it is well! Post your comments below!

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